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  Name Title Group
Karen Ayer Ayer, Karen Math Teacher
Chloe Berry Berry, Chloe
Jennifer Berry Berry, Jennifer 3rd Grade
Jessica Brooker Brooker, Jessica K5
Sherry Brownlee Brownlee, Sherry 1st Grade
Patrick Burke Burke, Patrick MS/HS Science
Nan Clayton Clayton, Nan Office Manager
Jesse Cockcroft Cockcroft, Jesse Music Teacher
Cayce Collins Collins, Cayce High School Science
Sherry Collins Collins, Sherry K3 Teacher
Amber Donohue Donohue, Amber 4th Grade Math
Bailey Downey Downey, Bailey 4th Grade ELA
Jennafer Easterlin Easterlin, Jennafer Teacher
Lydia Fogle Fogle, Lydia After Care
Nichole Goodman Goodman, Nichole K4/After Care
Byron Graham Graham, Byron
Mikel Hart Hart, Mikel Interventionist
Kristen Hatchell Hatchell, Kristen
Shelly Hodge Hodge, Shelly Finance Director
Robine Jackson Jackson, Robine 5th Grade Math
Kathy Johnston Johnston, Kathy
Heather Judy Judy, Heather History
Kimmie Judy Judy, Kimmie
Gracie Lott Lott, Gracie 5th Grade ELA
Julianna MCAlhany MCAlhany, Julianna K2
Julie McAlhany McAlhany, Julie Middle School ELA/Yearbook
Gay McLeod McLeod, Gay HS English
Michael Nelson Nelson, Michael
Ruth Anne O'Cain O'Cain, Ruth Anne Guidance
Lana Padgett Padgett, Lana Teacher
Jan Pendarvis Pendarvis, Jan Nurse
Sara Pope Pope, Sara Cafeteria
Becky Proctor Proctor, Becky Librarian/Intervention
Jonsey Proctor Proctor, Jonsey 3rd Grade Math
Phil Rizzo Rizzo, Phil Head of School
USC Salkehatchie Salkehatchie, USC Resource Teacher
Savanna Shelton Shelton, Savanna
Becky Smith Smith, Becky HS Computer
Melissa Smith Smith, Melissa 2nd Grade
Julie Stanley Stanley, Julie
Michelle Sweatman Sweatman, Michelle Assistant Head of School/Special Education Coordinator
Jennifer Weathers Weathers, Jennifer 1st Grade
Becky Welch Welch, Becky
Sandi Wimberly Wimberly, Sandi 2th Grade Teacher
Cheri Yates Yates, Cheri
Sheryle Young Young, Sheryle Admin Assistant