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  • Meet with your counselor to discuss your college plans. Review your schedule to make sure you’re enrolled in challenging classes that will help you prepare for college. Colleges require four years of English, as well as history, math, science, fine arts, PE and at least two years of a foreign language.
  • Use College Search ( find out the required courses and tests for colleges that you might be interested in attending.
  • Take PSAT in October
  • Start a calendar with important dates and deadlines.
  • Get involved with extracurricular activities.
  • Make a special place to keep passwords and college information.
  • Don’t blow your GPA.  It counts!!!
  • Sign up for classes for next year.
  • Look for a great summer opportunity — job, internship or volunteer position.
  • Check with your counselor and search online for summer learning programs.
  • Work on your summer reading list. 
  • Plan to visit college campuses to get a feel for your options.