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The purpose of Dorchester Academy Ambassadors is to provide a program for high school students in grades 10th – 12th that will strengthen their communication skills, foster leadership skills, and establish bonds between Ambassadors and community members.

The duties of an Ambassador include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Guided Campus tours for new parents/students
  2. Mentor incoming 8th graders
  3. Positively represent your school in the community and in any form of social media (texts, Facebook, etc.)
  4. Acquire reliable transportation
  5. Serve as Alumni/tour leaders
  6. Make PTO presentations as needed
  7. Be a Dorchester Academy student in grades 10th -12th with good academic and behavioral standing
  8. Have no disciplinary infractions (including dress code and cell phone usage)
  9. Must be passing all classes (Averages based on report cards and midterm reports) No pass, no participate
  10. Take initiative and be self-motivated
  11. Wear Ambassador pins and dress appropriately
  12. Log hours served if needed
  13. Notify sponsor within 48 hours by email if in violation of numbers 3, 8,9
  14. Additional duties may be required as needed

Removal:  Students will be removed from the Ambassador program for failing to comply with the above duties. Dismissal from program ranges from one event to permanent removal. Dismissal is relative to the severity of the infraction.  Authority to dismiss lies with the advisory committee consisting of ambassador sponsor, a member of the administration, and one lead teacher.